Empower is creating a solution to the plastic waste problem by giving plastic a value. We are cleaning up the world while fighting poverty by providing a wage to those in need. Read more
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of plastic waste!

how it works

Our solution is based on the philosophy and success of the Norwegian bottle recycling system (which ensures 97% of bottles being recycled). This turns the return rate of plastic waste upside down. By giving plastic a value we incentivize people to clean it up and deposit the waste instead of throwing it in nature.

Empower is creating a plastic waste fund. This is used to pay people who deliver plastic waste to our stations. For every kg of plastic delivered, the person is rewarded a digital EMP Token worth $1.

step 1

Anyone can gather plastic waste

step 2

The waste is delivered at a certified recycling station

step 3

1 EMP token is rewarded for each kilogram of plastic waste (1 EMP always equals $1)

step 4

Tokens can be used in the ecosystem or sold back for local currency

solving the plastic problem

we are building
a plastic waste fund

A fund dedicated to cleaning up
All money in the Plastic Waste Fund is used solely to enable anyone to clean up plastic waste anywhere in the world.
Incentivized Cleaning
We reward a digital token called EMP to incentivize people to clean up plastic. Each EMP is always worth $1 and can be used for payment directly, or sold back to us in exchange for local currencies.
1 kg plastic waste = 1 EMP
For every dollar you sponsor, 1 kg of plastic will be cleaned from the environment.
Full Transparency
We are dedicated to be fully transparent in how donations are being used. When you sponsor you will be able to see exactly when and where EMP Tokens are being rewarded for clean ups.