about empower

Based on the idea of using technology to enable a circular economy and create a cleaner and better world, Empower was founded in January 2018. We are building a global plastic waste ecosystem. To solve the problem of plastic waste, Empower is built on the same philosophy as the Norwegian bottle deposit system. By rewarding deposit of plastic waste we can both stop leakage of plastic into the environment, and incentivise collection of leaked waste.

Our mission is that you can pick up plastic waste anywhere in the world, deliver it at a collection point and immediately receive a reward. The use of Blockchain technology ensures full transparency. We are able to track and link every deposit of plastic back to the sponsor who made it possible! #plasticwastemovement

the team

We’re a dedicated and versatile team sharing the same passion for the plastic waste problem and for this solution! Since January 2018 we have kept expanding the team and the community, mainly based in Oslo, Norway but with ambassadors, advisors, mentors and friends all around the World. Maybe you will be the next to join our team?

Wilhelm Myrer
CEO & Founder

Carl Nesset

Gjermund Bjaanes

Anette Simonsen
Social Media

Fredrik Hertzberg
Sales & Communication

Anna Torst Saatvedt
Graphic Design

Simen Knudsen
Ocean Ambassador

Truls Haugland